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By concluding the insurance policy, you achieve complete protection of your goods during its transport.

A policy of insurance for goods in transport can be provided with all goods transported outside and within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There are two basic types of transport insurances:

Individual contracts that ensure the contract is exactly defined by the shipment of goods on a particular route. In this case, the insurance policy contains data on goods, relation, means of transport, start of travel, etc. The contract is concluded before the start of the journey. A separate insurance policy is issued for each shipment.

A general agreement providing a larger number of consignments of goods that are dispatched in succession and which are marked in general lines. Eg. The contract may ensure all shipments of goods transported in a particular period, on a particular route, a certain means of transport, etc.

Transport insurance

There are many risks during the transport of goods. Long journey, loading and unloading, various ways of transport, adverse weather, theft and physical harm, are just some of the dangers that produce in transit can face.