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The car liability insurance covers material and intangible damages that the owner or user of the vehicle caused to third parties.

A motor vehicle ride is a potential danger due to which we can cause:

  • destruction or damage to property
  • bodily injury
  • health impairment
  • death

By concluding a car liability insurance, the insurance company on your behalf pays the damage you cause to third parties if you caused the accident. Third parties are considered pedestrians, people in another vehicle that participated in a traffic accident as well as passengers in your vehicle.

In addition to contracting the car liability insurance, whit which you secure your vehicle, you can also arrange additional coverage:

  • AO PLUS - drivers insurance, compensation for suffered bodily injury when you caused the accident
  • BONUS EXTRA - protection of acquired bonus on your policy of car liability
  • Glass breakage - compensation in case of damage to the windscreen, rear window and side windows of your vehicle

Vehicle insurance

A car liability insurance, whit which you secure your vehicle, is the legal obligation of each owner or user of a vehicle. At the same time, the liability insurance policies protect you from the responsibility for damage caused to third parties.