PROJECT agency builds trust


Project Agency provides the highest quality service in the world of insurance, reflects the trust indicated, we are with you when you need it the most

"PROJECT" agency was created as a product of many years of work, acquiring knowledge and experience in the world of insurance.
With the decision of the FBiH insurance supervision agency from 10.06.2019, the "PROJECT" agency officially started operating.
For us, the work in the insurance industry is not just selling products, we are at our customers disposal 24 hours a day all 365 days a year.
Introducing the product to the client, highest quality services on the market, the best customer service, that and many more are characteristics that you can find in our agency.
By establishing the "PROJECT" agency, we decided that the work we do in the world of insurance raises on a higher, more professional level.
"PROJECT" agency is our vision on how to provide a complete insurance service to our customers.
Services that start from:
  • Contact with clients
  • Presentations of products currently offered in the insurance market
  • Selling insurance products
  • Complete client service, before during and after the conclusion of the insurance policy
  • Help the client in case of a harmful event during insurance duration
  • Providing all information required to the client, related to the insured case